Friday, July 20, 2012

Meeting other Learning Pros PT3- ASTD Mt Diablo

The week after my first meetings with Bay Area learning pros at the AIN Bay Area Chapter and the ASTD Golden Gate I headed out east to Mt Diablo and another ASTD chapter to meet some folks.

 The title for this session was "Scriptwriting for Instructional Designers: Process, Techniques, Options" and it was presented by Myron Maciejewski who teaches a class at SFSU on the same topic.
It was a fun and informative session and I learned a heap there that made me think about the way I create 'video' interactions in the eLearning I produce.
One thing that he mentioned that I want to share is that he sees there being 3 Presentation Genres.
Thinking back I have my own (rather simplistic) explanation of those genres.
  • In Demonstration videos you show HOW something is DONE.
  • In Documentary videos you show WHAT HAPPENS.
  • In Dramatization videos you show HOW something HAPPENS.

But this chapter meeting was as much about networking and meeting fellow Learning Professionals as it was about the content of the program.

I got to meet a bunch of colleagues and share ideas around Learning and Development with them. I was reminded about the importance of visual thinking by one fellow participant and brought up an idea that another thought was exactly what she needed. 

It's this sort of sharing that makes me love the ASTD chapters and will very likely have me returning to Mt Diablo in the near future.

Happy Learning

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  1. Deeply appreciative for the kind words about the event, the chapter, and ASTD overall. Looking forward to seeing you again next month--if not sooner.