Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Something else from the Bersin Predictions

I promised in my Looking Forwards blog post that I'd share some other gems.
One thing that struck me was the the bullet point within their final prediction 'Talent Management Software Market: Growth, Convergence and Disruption'. The bullet was that their is interest in Single Vendor Solutions.  It said that almost 40% of the companies they surveyed were willing to sacrifice functionality for a single vendor solution.
Now as my paychecks arrive from SumTotal I have to declare that this is not an unbiased viewpoint. I know that we claim to be one of the few companies that can offer the whole suite, from soup to nuts, or maybe in the TM world from recruitment, through performance and learning management through to benefits. Coming from the HR / Payroll company that was called Accero prior to being acquired by Sumtotal I am seeing first hand the steps being taken to integrate one system into another. From my time on the client side I've seen how annoying it can be when one system does not talk to another. Building links between them takes time and energy and if those links break there is the support issue of neither supplier taking on responsibility. As such I understand the business need for single vendor solutions.

As a learning professional I'd love to have a system that shows me the competency gaps in my organisation, and allows me to automatically assign learning inside my LMS to the best candidates to close those gaps.
Is that asking too much?

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