Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking Forwards

Two things crossed my desk today.
Well let's be honest one of them landed on the desk and one of them hit my e-mail inbox.
First off I got an email telling me that Bersin and Associates have just published their 2012 predictions report. In it they make 14 predictions for things that will affect the Talent Management world next year (TM include Learning & Development according to them, so who am I to argue?) Two of them that I am most interested to read about on the train home this evening are Number 5 "Employee Engagement Takes Center Stage" and Number 7 "Performance Management will go Agile"
On the engagement front they are saying that companies will have to "specifically develop engagement, development and incentive programs targeted towards Gen-X and Gen-Y in order to grow" The companies I know of that I most respect won't be doing this....because they already have them.
On the Agile PM side they say that their research is showing that companies who perform well have moved away from annual goal setting and reviewing processes to something that is quarterly or even more often.  Shocker folks!  The Millennials have had feedback rich lives in every respect up until they arrive at work. There are some that say that these Millennials will need to adjust to how work IS.  I say that work will soon have to adjust to how its workforce is.

The other thing is Training magazine's latest issue. One the front cover it points out that Training expenditures 'shoot up' by 13% while the average trainer salary has increased by $800.

I guess we are 'the 1%'

I'll let you know what other gems I find in there. 


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