Monday, December 19, 2011

More predictions for 2012

My inbox this morning contained a link to the January edition of CLO magazine. (OK I know I'm not a Chief Learning Officer....Yet!) There were some great articles including one by Bob Mosher on context and Marcus Buckingham selling his latest 'Strengths' book Standout. But the one that caught my eye was the 'A Look Ahead at Learning in 2012'  there seems to be a theme here!
Being CLO magazine their survey was of CLOs and there seems to be a bit of a turning point going on and it's not a good one.  According to their survey only 44% have a 'more optimistic' outlook for employee training & development in 2012. Down from 59% in the last 2 years.
the good news is that CLOs believe that their training will be more aligned with company objectives. If we as Learning & development people are to deserve the famous 'seat at the table' we had better ensure that what we are doing is aligned with what the rest of the business is aiming for.
One other nugget is that 'Informal learning' topped the 'Activities expected to have the most impact in 2012' list. I recall sitting in on a CCASTD meeting on informal learning earlier this year. When I suggested that if 80% of the learning in an organization is informal maybe that's where we should spend 80% of our money I felt the pressure in the room drop as 30 instructional designers and facilitators all took a sudden deep gasp of air! 
Must remember when to use my inside voice and my outside voice.
Happy Learning

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