Monday, November 7, 2011

A bit about me

I've been involved in the Learning and Development arena for 15 or so years.
I made the move from Technical Specialist to Trainer while working for Clerical Medical back in the UK. I learned about learning via a wonderful Train the Trainer class built around Accelerated Learning by Mark McKergow and Paul Z Jackson. I joined and was active with learning organizations such as SEAL in the UK and IAL once I moved to the US. I joined The ASTD both nationally and my local Chicagoland Chapter CCASTD in 2009 and in 2011 I successfully completed my Certified Professional in Learning & Performance, and joined the CCASTD board as Co-VP of Finance.

I am also an improviser, and have been lucky enough to study at some of the great Chicago Improv schools, including Second City, ComedySportz, Improv Olympic (now called IO as the IOC have no sense of humor!) and most recently under the great Mick Napier at The Annoyance.

So Improv is my passion, and Learning is my profession.
Luckily the two come together.
In another Blog I promise to tell you all about the Applied Improvisation Network and my involvement with them over the years.

In May 2012 I moved to San Francisco with my wife. The Next adventure awaits

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