Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Learning from the eLearning Pros

Regular reader(s) will know that I took on the role of Programming VP at ASTD Golden Gate Chapter at the start of this year.

Last Thursday saw the start of what we have called the "Summer of eLearning" a series of monthly programs and workshops around eLearning topics.

We kicked it off with a BANG.

I was lucky to be able to have a number of thought leaders in the eLearning world form a panel to discuss the state and the future of the tools that developers have available to create eLearning programs.

My panel was moderated by "elearning Joe", also known as Joe Ganci. Joe has been teaching Captivate and other eLearning tools for 30+ years. Joe was designated as a 'Guild Master' by the eLearning Guild last year.
The only other person ever to have received that honor was Clark Quinn. Who was also on the panel. Also there were Nick Floro, Brandon Carson, Michelle Lentz and Phil Cowcill. Joining us over the net was Craig Weiss

Take a look at some of those links.  These folks are thought leaders in the field and I was so happy that they were able to join us for this event.

There was lively debate, ranging from a view that we have never had such great opportunities to create great eLearning so easily using the tools available to a view that we are 'in the dark ages' as the tools mean that so much bad eLearning is being build and sent out.

There were a few of us live tweeting and I've captured most of those tweets in a Storify here

But one evening does not a Summer make....

The rest of the summer is full of workshops and programs on eLearing topics.

Want to learn about Mobile Learning.  We have a program in July for that.

Want to meet the 'E-Learning Hero' tom Kuhlman from Articulate. He is running a workshop on How to be come a Rapid E-Learning Pro in August followed by a workshop on Getting started with Articulate Studio and that evening a program on the Power of Rapid E-Learning

eLearning Joe returns in September with a full day Captivate class and an evening that will tell us what eLearning designers and developers need to know about HTML5

I'll be at all of these, because as much as I already know about many of these topics, I'm not going to miss out on an opportunity to learn from these pros.

Happy Learning


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