Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New Challenges

2012 was a big year for my family and I. We upped sticks and moved half way across the country and at the end of the year I resigned from SumTotal and I'll be starting a new consulting role with a great 'post-startup' in Silicon Valley with my own consulting company  IMPROVing Organizations.  

In addition being 2000 miles away I'm leaving the Chicagoland Chapter of ASTD and my position on the board and instead getting active with two chapters out here in the Bay Area. I'm joining the board at Golden Gate Chapter and will be a regular attendee at Mt Diablo Chapter.
I'm taking on a programming role at Golden Gate chapter and so I have a responsibility to set up speakers for the monthly Chapter meetings

So I'm going to ask you my loyal reader(s) what would get you to come to a meeting? What topic or topics would you like to see covered? One option we are looking at is trying to make sure we align to the ASTD Competency model. There are 10 'Areas of Expertise' and we would like to align each meeting to one or more of those AOEs. How does that sound to you?

One of the things that Darin Hartley mentioned was that blog comment counts are a great indicator of how much a blog is being read. By that rating, I'm talking to myself. But as this is as much a way for me to organize my thoughts as anything else I'm going to continue.  It would be nice, even so, to hear from you.

Happy 2013 and Happy Learning.

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