Friday, November 16, 2012

Learning about Leadership Learning PT2

Another day, another chapter meeting about Leadership

So my second chapter meeting this week was at Golden Gate Chapter. This one was entitled "Leaderality: How to lead with impact" Once again I was tweeting my notes, as was Paul Signorelli and the twitter stream can be found here. For this session Sonny Randall, the 'Leadership Dude' at US Bank facilitated a discussion on Leaders who have had an impact on our lives.

Sonny loves crayons. So he brought a couple of big packs of Crayolla Crayons and some construction paper and we created our own handouts for the class. the first exercise he had us do in the handout was a 'Pop Quiz'
He laid out the rules.
  1. There will be 10 questions
  2. You cannot repeat the answer more than once. (so if we were to decide that the answer we gave to Q3 would be a better answer to Q7 then we had to cross out Q3 and come up with something else for there)
  3. We had 15 seconds to answer each question.

The first question he asked was a simple one "Who are you?" So my answer was "I'm Alan"
Question two got a little harder. it was "Who are you?" This time I wrote "Husband, Improviser, Teacher"
Question three got harder still. This time the question was "Who are you?" My answer here was "WLP Pro". By this point I recognized a pattern.  I'd played this sort of game before. Questions 4-10 followed and I managed to answer them all.
My workbook answers to the "Pop Quiz"

We discussed our answers with other participants. the person I connected with did not like the exercise. I think she felt a bit cheated and 'tricked'

Sonny suggested that the people from our past who inspired us in some way may have had an impact on who we are today. Thinking about that now I see the impact of several people in my own self-description.

Next we got to what i consider the meat of the session. 
Sonny has an equation that he works with

Data + Meaning + Energy + Action = Results

A good leader, says Sonny, must be able to hit on all 4 to get results. Often leaders are good at a couple of those areas but not as strong in others.

This kind of took me back into comments made at Mt Diablo the previous day. I see the Meaning & Energy as the EI components that were discussed there.

One other nugget I want to share with you.

Sonny ran a 4 corners game where we self classified ourselves by moving to one of the 4 corners of the room based on attributes. It was a straight Jungian analyses. He suggested we think of the leaders and others that have inspired us and think which corner they may be in. the chances are that they inspire us because the things that we find hard they seem to do easily. And that could well be because they are different types than we are.
It may well be that the things we find easy, they might find hard. Maybe we inspire them as well.
What a nice thought

Happy Learning

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