Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Holy Grail? We already have one!

In that classic movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail there is a scene where Arthur and his knights come up against a castle filled with french knights. When Arthur announces that they are seeking the Holy Grail the reply comes back "We've already got one!"

This thought came to me when I was at a CCASTD meeting a couple of weeks ago where Doty Sinclair and Danny Ortegon discussed Learning Management Systems and other learning technology.

Doty had a quote from Josh Bersin that I found interesting.
"The HR Technology Landscape is undergoing tremendous change. Now, with the LMS market under major change, organizations must work hard to build an integrated learning technology strategy which manages formal learning, informal learning, collaboration, social, and talent-driven learning. And this is not easy today."

The conversation went on to say that the search was on for integrated Learning and Talent systems that truly work together. Someone there called it the "Holy Grail" . 


As regular readers will know I work for SumTotal, and at ST we have regular all hands meetings. Late last year at one of these our senior team repeated a demonstration that they had 'performed' at the Total Connections User Conference earlier in the year.

(Not entirely sure if I need to here but regardless I'm going to point out that this blog and the contents of it are my opinions and musings. They should not be thought of as being official communications from SumTotal, or reflecting the companies official opinion or position on any subject)

The demo was very impressive. It started off with the 'CEO' looking at analytics on their iPad and seeing something that troubled them about the talent and succession situation. There was a series of conversations that took people across the Talent Management suite that we have and identified a skill that needed to be rolled out to a number of people in the organization. From there a number of courses in the LMS were identified that tackled that need and the candidates were assigned that training. As one of the courses was built on the mobile platform the final part of the demo was a sales guy pulling up the course on his iPhone to learn it on a flight he was about to take.

I also know that within the training area we have an integrated site that we are using for training on our LM and TM systems. I know this for sure as I helped create the cast of characters who populate this system for training courses.

So when I hear that the search is on for an integrated LM and TM system the voice in my head comes from John Cleese and is saying "We've already got one!"

I'm going to be attending the ASTD ICE in Denver next month. SumTotal will have a nice booth at the expo, and I think that they will have some people there who can take you through the demo and show you how we are integrating TM and LM. If you want to see it let me know. I'll get you over to see them.

If you ask nicely I'll see if I can get them to do it in John Cleese's 'Ridiculus French Accent'

Happy Learning

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