Saturday, August 23, 2014

Walking the walk.

I was in an interview yesterday.

It's a job I like and even though it can be irritating I have to admit that the long and very thorough selection process means I'm pretty sure that by this stage I have a very clear idea of what they want and they have a clear idea of what I can do.

One of the things I've been a passionate advocate for is having learning that built around the business impact needed.  I've mentioned it before in prior blog posts and it usually comes up in an interview.

However this time I got a great follow up question. "Have you ever managed to work that way?"  I had to think for a second, The CEO who asked me was very polite about it. He pointed out that we often find it hard to actually walk the walk that we would like.

But it came to me that I had.

I explained that at the last place I worked I had asked several time about what the business metrics were that my success would be judged on. In that case it was how quickly we could get the training to the customers. (and therefore start their subscription and billing.) That had been one of the guiding principles that dictated a blended learning, mostly on-demand, self paced solution.

So if I get an opportunity to work for these folks I already know what the metrics are that will show my success and I plan to walk the walk again to design a solution that will target that need, as well as the individual needs of the learners.

Do you have a design philosophy and do you walk your walk?

Happy Learning


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