Friday, May 9, 2014

Talent Developer

Yesterday I sat in the audience at the ASTD conference as the CEO announced a rebranding.
As my regular reader will know I had a big problem last year when my professional organization dropped the term Workplace Learning & Performance and returned to Training and Development. It turns out that they managed to piss me ( and a few others) off for no reason. They were planning on dropping "Training &Development" to something new that reflected the breadth of the work that professionals in our industry do. 
So yesterday they announced it.

We are now the Association for Talent Development. 
Putting aside (or at least trying to) what I think about the way they handled the change I have to decide if I'm on board with this. 

I'm still a Certified Professional in Learning & Performance. And although I'd have liked to see the word performance in the name I'm going to be seeing so much of, I am welcoming the name change. 

The work we do has always been more than just training. Developing talent and helping people and their organizations grow and improve has a far greater impact that running a training class. As a professional I'm always looking at the organizational goal and how the work I'm doing can move needles. 

I used to welcome the conversation explaining what I meant by workplace learning and performance. 

I welcome the opportunity to have that conversation about Talent Development. 

Happy Learning
(happy developing.)


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