Sunday, April 27, 2014

Helping Inspirer

A couple of weeks ago ASTD Golden Gate had a session on the Insights Discovery personality profiling tool. We had a speaker from Insights who introduced us to the concepts of the tool along with a Learning & Development specialist from Google who shared with us some of the ways that Google use this and other similar tools.  

As part of the evening all the attendees had been invited to fill out the online profile and we're presented with their profile reports. 

This was not my first time being profiled with this tool, in fact it wasn't even my second time. I first came across these folks at the ASTD ICE in Chicago in 2010. I've always thought that self awareness is the first step to any real learning or meaningful change and so when they offered a code to get my profile done for free I took it. 

When I got my report in the email I read it and had to admit it had just about summed me up. I was classified as a "Helping Inspirer", position 27 on their "wheel".  This meant that my dominant colors we "Sunshine" yellow and "Earth" green. One of the cool things about the profile is that it also shows you both your conscious persona (what you project to the world and the workplace) as well as your unconscious persona (the natural you.) It's worth noting that when these two are aligned you don't spend a lot of time at work fighting to be something you are not. I'm please to say that although there were small differences in my individual scores, I came out as a 27 for both. 

A couple of years later I was part of a group of a group of trainers who all worked for the same group of companies and at a best practice sharing summit we all got Insighted again. It was interesting to note that although my unconscious persona was still a 27 my conscious one had tweaked slightly.  I'd dialed up my "Firey" red score a bit. Most likely as by that time I was leading a team of junior folks. 

Fast forward another couple of years and I'm really interested to see what my scores come out at this time. 

And when I open the report what do I see.  27/27 Helping Inspirer again.

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