Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Learning Pro as a Learning Leader

I recently attended the ASTD Chapter Leaders Conference in DC (The ALC). It’s an annual 2 day event where leaders of ASTDs 100+ chapters from across the country gather to share best practice and network.
I joined the Board of the Chicagoland Chapter (CCASTD) for the 2012 year as half of the VP Finance role. My ‘Co-VP’ and I quickly realized that a divide and conquer approach was needed so she took the lead on a program to encourage corporate sponsorship and I built and looked after the Budget.
When I told my Chapter President that I was relocating to Chicago she asked if I could stay on the board and do the job remotely so I agreed to try it. I’ve been able to attend the meetings virtually and I’m happy with my contribution.
But I’m in a new city, and I need to build a new network so as soon as I knew I was moving I joined Golden Gate Chapter. I also heard about another smaller chapter just East of the city, The Mt Diablo Chapter. I’ve attended a couple of meeting of each and have been invited onto the board of Mt Diablo for 2013 and so I guess that is where I’ll be giving my energy.
My first ALC was last year and as an entirely new board member it was a somewhat overwhelming experience.  This year I’m a bit more established and it was a more productive event for me. Reflecting back I look at the changes since last year.
  • Last year I was waiting to hear if I had passed my CPLP certification. This year I was proudly wearing my CPLP badge. (I recall that last year CPLPs were asked to stand and be recognized.  Not this year L )
  • Last year I attended a session on using Social media. This year I met several people face to face who I followed or followed me on Twitter.
  • Last year I was dipping my toe into Chapter Leadership. This year I’m diving in head first.
  • Last year I was mainly a learner. This year I was a contributor to a number of sessions I attended
  • Last year I was totally focused on what I could do for my home chapter. This year I made connections that will probably have me presenting on Applied Improvisation to a couple of chapters other than my own.
  • Last year I didn’t know my NAC from a CRM.  This year I put out a fun tweet that used 6 of the ASTD TLAs.  And I knew what they all meant.
I’ve got to say I’m pleased with my progress over the last year.
Roll on 2013!
Happy Learning

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