Monday, May 7, 2012

Lessons from ASTD ICE - 1 A different perspective.

I’m at the ASTD conference this week.
One of the best things about being at a conference of your fellow professionals is that you get to meet so many people face to face that you have come into contact with through the virtual world.
Sitting in the CPLP lounge yesterday I met with Diane Daly, who works at the ASTD Credentialing Institute. I’d had a few email conversations with her when I was going through my certification process last August and it was nice to meet her in person. We talked about one of the difficulties she has being a certification professional in a world of Learning professionals. The ASTDCI follows the credentialing professional processes and one of the touchstones of that profession is that a credentialing body is not allowed to show you how to pass their exam. When candidates are unsuccessful in their work product submissions they get no feedback other than their score. In our profession feedback and coaching are ingrained within us and so this just feels wrong. Taking the time to have the face to face conversation with Diane gave me a better appreciation of the professional tightrope that she and her colleagues at the ASTDCI have to walk.
A good lesson to all in any profession is to not judge based on our world or our standards.
I wonder what I will learn today?

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