Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What my employers are saying about 2012

Readers of this blog will know that I've recently been reviewing various predictions for 2012 from Bersin, CLO magazine and others.
I even came up with my own.
Well I just saw a post on Linkedin from SumTotal systems.  The folks with whom I swap a paycheck every couple of weeks in return for my hard work in their Learning and Development area.  They have followed my posts with their own predictions for 2012. I must be a trendsetter!
To read them go Here and sign up. 
I guess you will get lots of spam useful information from them going forward if you do. I will say that I was signed up with them before I worked for them.
In short (if you don't have time to read it!) they say they are seeing 5 trends for 2012.
  1. Move to integrated solution  - that's handy they sell a suite!
  2. Social Learning - Pretty much the same as I said. They also have a social platform that they integrate into their technology. I always remember something that Jane Bozarth said along the lines that Social Learning is not about the platform, its about the people who are doing it anyway.
  3. Mobile - Although they don't talk about it in the white paper they support mobile within their LMS and their ToolBook development tool (that I am getting all too familiar with) supports iOS already. So the course I'm developing know is sized and designed with an iPad in mind.
  4. Software as a Service - They see more people going to it. They also point out that the bigger a SaaS provided system gets, the more customers it has and the more ideas come in to improve the system. This crowd sources enhancements. I've not heard that argument before.  Luckily most SumTotal solutions are available in SaaS
  5. Global - As Dan Pink talked about in A Whole New Mind "Abundance Asia and Automation" are three factors that are changing the working world.

So they have 5 compared with my 1, but they are bigger than me!

Happy Learning

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